Job Summary



A postdoctoral position is available in Dr. Roy Weinstain lab, Tel-Aviv University, Life Sciences 


Faculty, to develop chemical-biology methods for visualization and manipulation of small- and 


macro-molecules bioactivity using light. 



The candidate will lead the design and synthesis of small-molecule fluorescent probes and photo-


protecting (caging) groups and will have the opportunity to apply them in living model 


organisms, mainly in plants. The project requires learning new skills in spectroscopy, 


fluorescence imaging and biochemistry. Stipend level will be in accordance with TAU guidelines 


(~85-100k NIS per year, depending on experience).



We are seeking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with extensive knowledge and 


experience in synthetic organic chemistry. Background or hands-on experience in imaging or 


biochemistry techniques will be advantageous. Candidate must be independent in designing 


synthetic routes, solving challenging synthetic problems, efficient in synthesizing targeted 


molecules and analyzing results. The applicant needs to be experienced in using HPLC, NMR 


and MS for organic chemistry applications. The successful candidate will join a new lab and will 


be a part of an interdisciplinary team that utilizes diverse techniques, including organic synthesis, 


photochemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and fluorescence imaging to develop novel 


chemical-biology methods.



Required Qualifications 


Applicant must have PhD (or has submitted PhD thesis by the time of appointment) in organic 


chemistry, medicinal chemistry or chemical-biology and be a first author on at least 2 


publications. This position requires extensive experience and independence in design and 


execution of multi-step organic synthesis. Applicant needs an expertise in using HPLC, NMR 


and MS for organic chemistry applications. Good oral and written communication skills in 


English are also required.



Required preliminary application material


- A short letter of intent.


- Applicant’s CV.


- Complete list of publications.


- Contact information of 3 references.



Please submit applications to: